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Inventors solve problems. It’s what they do. And the more diversity in our inventor community, the more diverse our problem solving will be. Unfortunately, researchers estimate that millions of individuals from underrepresented groups who could be inventing and patenting aren’t.

Imagine the possibilities if everyone was supported in bringing their ideas to life. In addition to addressing problems, inventing and patenting creates more career opportunities, boosts the economy, helps reduce wage and wealth gaps, and opens the door to even more innovation.

Start With The Stats

51% Women are 51% of the population, yet only 13% of inventors listed on U.S. patents are women.
16x Women-owned businesses with patents pending have 16x the average revenues of those without any IP.
50% Black and Hispanic college graduates patent at roughly 50% the rate of white graduates, missing out on many areas of opportunity.
$1T If BIPOC and women invented at the same rate as white men, it would boost the U.S. economy nearly $1 trillion per year.
10x Individuals born into the top 1% of family incomes are 10x more likely to patent intellectual property than those born in the entire bottom half.
+16 Startups with patents employ an average of 16 more new employees after five years than those without patents.

Closing these gaps would boost the U.S. economy nearly $1 trillion per year.

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The Inventor’s Patent Academy

Ideas and inventions change the world—and they can come from anyone. But most people don’t know how to turn those ideas into reality. The key? Patents. They protect your inventions, so you can focus on the work and be compensated for it. This one-of-a-kind course will help you understand intellectual property and the patenting process and get you ready to apply for your own patent. You’ll hear from real inventors and experts in the field, who give their unique insights and advice. The course also explores some of the challenges you may face along the way—particularly those that typically affect female inventors, people of color, veterans, lower-income individuals, people with disabilities, and other underrepresented inventors—and gives you the tools you need to take them on.

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OPINION: Minority-serving institutions are opening minds and doors to new inventions and new patents

Not everyone has equal access to inventing and patenting, but schools can make a difference

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We studied 309,544 patent applications – and found inventing is still a man’s world

Are women as successful as men in securing a patent for their invention? We set out to investigate gender bias in patent outcomes at IP Australia – the government agency responsible for administering intellectual property rights.

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The CHIPS and Science Act Will Expand Equity and Opportunity For Americans Underrepresented in Science and Technology

The CHIPS and Science Act is the most comprehensive effort in history to create opportunities in science and technology for women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups.

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Real change demands real action. We advocate for diverse inventors by supporting public policies that will make American innovation more equitable and inclusive. Here’s how you can help.

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The IDEA Act would collect inventors’ demographic data on a voluntary basis and make this information available in the aggregate for research, helping to close the wage gap and boost the economy.

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Ready to turn your idea into a reality? Patenting inventions is the best way to protect them. This is the first step in joining the innovation ecosystem—and enjoying the better opportunities that come with inventing and patenting.

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