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What We’re All About

Invent Together is an alliance of universities, nonprofits, companies, and other stakeholders, brought together by a shared belief: that everyone should have the opportunity to invent and patent their ideas.

Why? Because it’s an important step toward gender equity and racial justice. Because it will make our country stronger and more successful. Because it will help us solve more problems and build a brighter future for everyone.

If we can break down barriers to help more innovative thinkers patent their inventions, we can create jobs, boost the U.S. economy, close wage and wealth gaps, and discover new ways to improve society as a whole.

We are dedicated to understanding the diversity gaps that exist in invention and patenting and supporting public policy and private initiatives to close them.


Belief in Action

What We’ve Done

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Helped quantify the patent gaps.

We supported research by leading academics and think tanks to measure patent gaps and identify best practices to close them.

Championed the enactment of legislation.

Championed the enactment of legislation such as the SUCCESS Act and the Unleashing American Innovators Act to expand participation in patenting.

Organized important stakeholder discussions.

We convened multiple roundtable workshops that brought together academics, practitioners, non-profit organizations, universities, companies, policymakers, and other stakeholders to discuss ways we can increase inventor diversity.

Belief in Action

What We’re Doing

Educating people.

We’re helping policymakers, practitioners, and the public become more knowledgeable about the patent gaps and the benefits of inventor diversity.

Supporting new research.

We’re always looking for more information on why patent gaps exist and how to close them.

Promoting public and private sector best practices.

We lift up programs at companies and universities that aim to develop and institute best practices for inventor diversity.

Sharing stories of diverse inventors.

We shine a light on inventors who have overcome systemic challenges to bring their ideas to life.

Empowering inventors through The Inventor’s Patent Academy.

The Inventor’s Patent Academy is a free course designed to help inventors understand patents so they can pursue their ideas and protect their inventions.

Advocating for legislation and executive action.

We support public policies designed to increase the participation of underrepresented individuals in invention and patenting.

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