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We support the Inventor Diversity for Economic Advancement (IDEA) Act, a bipartisan bill that would direct the USPTO to collect demographic data—including gender, race, and veteran status—from patent applicants and owners on a voluntary basis and make this information available to the public. Collecting demographic data on patent applicants will allow the USPTO and the public to accurately examine the patent gaps in real time and track progress toward closing them. You can help by urging Congress to pass this bill!

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The more people know about the IDEA Act, the more momentum it can gain. Share some info on this important piece of legislation to spread the word and get your friends involved!

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I believe that more inventor diversity creates a brighter future for all. See what @invent_together is doing to create change and join the movement! #PatentDiversity


Support The IDEA Act

I support the IDEA Act! This bill aims to collect inventors’ demographic data on a voluntary basis for research to help close the wage gap and boost the economy. Check it out! #PatentDiversity


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Hey @friend! Take a look at @invent_together. Together, we can help make inventing and patenting more diverse and inclusive #PatentDiversity


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