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Past Highlights

We love getting people together to talk about how we can change the inventing game. We’ve organized some pretty cool events and discussions in the past, which you can check out here.

Congressional Briefing on Increasing Inventor Diversity

Increasing participation in invention and patenting by underrepresented groups would quadruple the number of American inventors, increase annual U.S. GDP by almost $1 trillion, and result in exciting new and different inventions.

Gender and Racial Diversity in Inventing and Patenting: Lessons from Women

A panel discussion with women inventors, and Institute for Women's Policy Research presents their research on the challenges women inventors face based on gender and race and how to overcome them.

Fireside Chat: Promoting Diversity in U.S. Innovation

A distinguished panel of experts gather to discuss how policymakers, educators, and the private sector are working to close diversity gaps in the U.S. patent system and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to invent and patent. Learn more:

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